Horse Hydration Top Tips

Keeping your horse hydrated in hot weather is vital both for wellbeing as well as performance. Our latest blog has easy, top tips for horse owners to ensure their horse’s stay safe during the warm summer weather.

Horse Hydration Top Tips

1. Water Availability

It is obvious but make sure that water is always available and accessible to your horse! The position of your horse’s water bucket is as important as its fullness – horses naturally feed at ground level, so a low water bucket is preferable to a high one. In the stable, placing it next to the hay feeder is good. In the field, make sure access is clear and easy for your horse but do remember moisture content in grass contributes to hydration too.



2. Consider a Wet Feed

In the wild, horses graze on a feed that contains up to 80% water, so dry feed is not natural to its behaviour. Supplementing with a designed soaked feed is the best way to compensate for any limitations in water intake. Water intake, integral to feed, is physiologically preferable to a separate drink which should really be a top-up.



3. Exercise Regime Management

During hot weather, it is advisable to (as best as possible) manage your horse’s exercise regime accordingly. This could make the form of riding early in the morning to avoid the highest temperatures or easing back on fitness work to avoid too much exertion in the warm weather. Try avoiding hard work in the direct sunlight, keep to shaded areas as best as possible to better regulate body temperature. After exercise, it is crucial to cool off your horse properly with cold water to assist with bringing their body temperature down.


4. Use Electrolytes

During intense heat and after exercise, extra electrolytes are needed in order to prevent dehydration. Situations where this would be applicable is:

✔ After heavy sweating
✔ Prolonged exercise
✔ Competition performance or transportation in hot weather
✔ Exposure to high heat

Using an electrolyte replacement will help increase water intake (reducing the risk of dehydration), improve performance recovery and continue to assist with normal bodily functions within the horse. These are especially important during in hot conditions and for equine performance and health.



5. NutriLyte Electrolyte Replacement

NutriLyte is an electrolyte replacement supplement that contains sodium chloride and potassium in the same ratio as is lost in sweat. Because NutriLyte contains easily absorbed carbohydrates it replaces energy much faster and can therefore be used during, and immediately after exercise. NutriLyte can help with rapid restoration of energy, Increased performance in hot conditions and reduced debilitation during transportation. For more detailed product information, please click here.