Rider Profile: Jane Roche

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Our pony rider this week is Jane Roche – from County Waterford (Waterford seems to be a hot spot for talented pony riders!). At only 11, Jane is already well on her way in the pony world and knows what it’s like to be in a winning line up! Not happy enough to compete on dry land, Jane’s ponies also regularly swim in the sea – check out the sea horse in the top left hand picture……

Rider: Jane Roche

Age : 11

Jane rocheCounty: Waterford

Ponies:Ping The Penny (128cm), Ballydoolagh Abbey (138cm).”

First Pony: “A little coloured pony called Nijinsky that I inherited from my Grandad. My dad, my uncles and my aunt all rode him, he was well in his 30’s when he died a few years ago.” (That is some family pony!)

Favourite Pony:Ping The Penny, because she is my first competitive pony and she is really kind.”

Best advice: “Enjoy yourself, have fun.”

Best achievement: “I came 3rd in the 128 90cm at Ballylawn this year, I was very proud because it was my very first show.”

Ambition: “To continue to improve and one day qualify for the RDS.”

Favourite Rider: “Paddy O’Donnell (my trainer) and Francis Connors. I also like Jessica Springsteen.”

Other sports: “I enjoy gymnastics and attend classes at Waterford gymnastics.”

We wish Jane the best of luck in her ambition for the RDS and don’t doubt for one minute this little lady will get there! Great advice too about enjoying yourself and having fun, which is what ponies are all about.