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NutriScience has been developing and manufacturing premium quality equine supplements from its Irish headquarters since 1999. The range includes effective, proven products to help horses achieve peak performance. NutriScience is part of the Swedencare Group.

Nutri Hemp Pack Shot 2022

Nutri Hemp Equine Supplement

Nutri Hemp is a unique bioactive hemp supplement formulated specifically for horses. Nutri Hemp contains Bioactive Plant Compounds that help maintain calmness and balance in horses. Being rich in Phytonutrients enables Nutri Hemp to naturally support equine joint health and mobility. Nutri Hemp uses laboratory tested, GMO free ingredients for superior product quality. Nutri Hemp is not suitable for use in competition horses.

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About NutriScience

NutriScience – Putting science into supplements for over two decades.

About NutriScience: we are an award-winning brand of equine supplements based in Waterford, Ireland. NutriScience was founded in 1999 by a nutrition and marketing graduate, a pharmacist and a veterinarian with expert knowledge in the equine sector. This combined knowledge enabled the team to create the NutriScience range of effective, proven products to help horses both to achieve peak performance and improve overall health.

In 2016 the NutriScience brand was acquired by Swedencare AB and became part of the internationally renowned Swedencare Group. Since then, the company’s commitment to continuous investment in research and development has been clear and now boasts a new state of the art, multimillion-euro GMP B8 accredited production facility located in the heart of Waterford, Ireland. NutriScience is very proud to uphold the highest standards of manufacturing at it’s production base through various quality accreditations, such as the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Certificate. Find out more about the NutriScience commitment to product quality here.

Winner of a National Business Innovation Award and Irish Exporter of the Year Award, the NutriScience brand is visible globally with a presence in over 15 countries worldwide. The entire NutriScience product range is uniquely formulated based on the most recent scientific research in animal nutrition. The highly experienced technical team ensures the delivery of excellent product quality and effectiveness along with compliance to the highest standards. With a focused, select and quality range, you can trust NutriScience to deliver the very best in nutritional support whether it is a high-performance horse or a beloved family pet.  The NutriScience range is used by riders all over the globe, read about their experiences here.

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