NutriScience Equine

NutriScience has been developing and manufacturing premium quality equine products from its Irish headquarters since 1999 with the select range being used by successful riders all over the world.

How We Can Help

At NutriScience we are passionate about equine health and nutrition. We have specialised consultants on hand to provide tailor supplement programs for your horses individual requirements. With over 20 years’ experience in equine nutrition, our knowledge and expertise means tailored, practical and friendly advice. Enquiries always welcome on +353 (0)51 304010 or email

How to Care for Your Horse

We understand you want the very best for your horse but can encounter issues from time to time. At NutriScience Equine, we are here to help horse owners so please reach out for expert advice. We also discuss common conditions on our blog to help horse owners learn and be proactive regarding horse care.

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NutriScience Product Quality Assurance

The entire NutriScience product range is formulated based on the most recent scientific research in equine nutrition. The highly experienced technical team ensures the delivery of excellent product quality and effectiveness achieved through GMP+ and IOS certification. With a focused, quality range you can trust NutriScience to deliver the very best in nutritional support whether it is a high-performance horse or a beloved family pet.

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