Hot Weather Helpful Hints for Dog Owners

Summertime means hot weather! Hot weather can pose health risks for your dog such as dehydration, overheating or sunburn. Here are some helpful hints for you to best manage your dog during hot weather conditions.

NutriScience Pet Hot Weather Helpful Hints

Ensure Access to Fresh Drinking Water 

It goes without saying but your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water – this is even more important during periods of hot weather. If you are heading on a long walk and the weather is getting warm, take a water bottle for your dog. Hydration is key in summer and your dog is the same, especially if they are out and about enjoying the sunshine! If you are concerned about dehydration, you can use an electrolyte replacement such as NutriLyte during very hot weather.


Use Water and Shade to Keep Your Dog Cool

Our four legged friends enjoy a refreshing dip as much as we do in the heat: from a dip in the doggy pool to surfing the waves in the sea! For dogs who are not so keen on water, dampen their coats with a wet towel/cloth. This will assist in reducing their temperature in the heat as well as serving as a gentle introduction to water. Remember to use your judgement as you know your pet best and act accordingly. Make sure your dog always has adequate shade both indoors and outdoors so they can escape the glare and heat of direct sunshine.


Always Groom and Protect Your Dog from Sunburn

Grooming is important in summer so regularly brush your dog’s coat to enable the skin to breathe and provide relief from the heat. Sunscreen helps protect your dog from sunburn, however be aware that certain ingredients are not good for your dog. Some brands of sunscreen use zinc oxide, salicylates or (PABA), all of which can cause health issues in dogs. Don’t worry, suncream specifically for dogs does exist! Your local pet store can assist with your search and can offer more advice on being sun smart. Make sure the suncreen is fragrance-free and waterproof as your dog will definitely try lick it off!


Plan Your Dog’s Exercise Routine

During the hot summer weather, it is advised to time your long outdoor walks to ealry morning or dusk time. It sounds obvious but the cooler air temperature will avoid stressing your dog’s circulation as well as protecting their paws from hot tarmac/concrete.


Pay Extra Attention to Older Dogs

Summer heat can put extra strain on older dogs. Ensure they have plenty fresh drinking water as well as shady place to keep cool too. If they are under pressure, a cool paw shower and combing their coat will gently help reduce their temperature. Putting out a damp towel for them to lie on is another way to help keep them cool.