Introduction to Gastro Care

Does your horse suffer from stomach problems or ulcers? Have you considered Gastro Care? Gastro Care is a scientifically formulated equine supplement designed to have a multi-faceted approach to gastro-intestinal health for horses with stomach problems and ulcers.


How Gastro Care Works

Gastro Care works by neutralizing excess stomach acid and supporting the horse’s natural digestive functions. Instead of a conventional “stomach protection”, which blocks the production of stomach acid, Gastro Care acts as a buffer between stomach acid and the gastric mucosa. As a result, the vital acid production is not impaired so the stomach lining can naturally protect itself. Gastro Care contains Antacids which mimic the effects of saliva, buffer excess stomach acid and protect the gastric mucosa. Soluble fibers (apple fibre and pectin complex) supply soluble and insoluble fibres which stabilize the gastric mucosa. These fibers also neutralising bile acids, which assist in stabilizing the stomach lining. L-glutamic acid supports faster regeneration of the gastric mucosa and contributes to the overall health of the digestive system.

 What’s in the Gastro Care – at a glance:


Sodium and calcium carbonates
✔ neutralizes excess stomach acidApple fibre and pectin
✔ help to stabilize the gastric mucosa
✔ neutralises bile acids
L-glutamic acid
✔ supports the regeneration of the    gastric and intestinal mucosa
✔ promotes convalescence and wound healing

 Why Use Gastro Care:

✔ Up to 6 hours of safe protection of the gastric mucosa
✔ Competition safe
✔ Recommended by vets
✔ Suitable for long term/permanent use

Gastro Care can be fed permanently without any problems. The powder is particularly suitable as long-term protection and for prevention. For more detailed product information, please click here or contact our expert team here.