Managing Summer Ground Conditions

Currently ground conditions have become hard and this can have a severe impact on your horse’s legs if not managed correctly. Best manage your horse’s legs in hard summer ground with our top tips.

Managing Summer Ground Conditions


Adjust Exercise Regime

During the summer, alter your horse’s exercise program to avoid riding on hard ground to minimise the impact of strain. Use different facilities such as sand arenas, forest hacks to protect your horse’s legs from injury as well as adding variety.


Use Leg Protection

Further reduce the risk of leg injuries by using leg protection such as boots or bandages when the ground gets hard. Make sure to remove the boots/bandages immediately after exercise to allow the tendon temperature to decrease to prevent injury.


Incorporate Cold Hosing

Exercising on hard ground in hot weather can cause heat and jarring to the legs; cold hosing is an effective solution to reduce heat and swelling in your horse’s legs. Cool water can also help reduce stiffness, which is especially important if your horse has done fast work on hard ground (e.g., galloping or cross country).


Apply a Leg Cooling Product

To continue the cooling effect after hosing, or when water is not available, use a leg cooling product such as NutriBalm Cooling Gel. When applied to your horse’s leg, NutriBalm evaporates and carries away the heat causing a cooling effect.


Keep Hooves Moist

Keeping your horse’s hooves oiled and well moisturized ensures that the  hoof capsule stays flexible, which allows for the impact of the hard ground. If the hoof dries out, there will be more cracks in the feet, which can lead to another set of problems.


Consider Using a Joint Supplement

Every day, the cartilage in your horse’s joints is continually being broken down and replacement cartilage is being manufactured. However, this balance can be upset due to increased training or trauma (such as impact from hard ground). To help reduce the risk of such trauma on your horse’s joints, consider using a joint supplement such as Arthri Aid Equine Joint Mobility Supplement. It has been formulated to aid lubrication and help promote regeneration of shock absorbing tissues of your horse’s joints, even more important during spells of hard ground conditions. Arthri Aid is available in a liquid presentation for fast absorption or in an economic yet effective powder format.


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