GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Certification at NutriScience

NutriScience is proud to announce it has achieved the GMP + Feed Safety Assurance Certificate, which encompasses good manufacturing practise and high quality product standards.


GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Logo

NutriScience is very proud to uphold the highest standards of manufacturing at it’s production base in Waterford, Ireland through it’s achievement of the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Certificate. This certificate is for Good Manufacturing Practise, which entails a system for ensuring consistence and control in product manufacturing according to quality standards. It is a standard to ensure feed safety and certifies that every NutriScience product is of the highest quality.

GMP + Process of Certification

In order to be awarded the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Certificate, NutriScience has demonstrated and committed to international regulatory and quality standards. It means that the highest standards of feed safety across all links in the feed chain are adhered to. NutriScience has implemented these standards through a variety of procedures including a feed safety management system, the application of HACCP principles and an Early Warning System. The GMP+ Certificate ensures traceability and monitoring across the feed chain and NutriScience are very proud to uphold these standards.

NutriScience Product Consistancy

Product consistency is paramount so by manufacturing to these exact standards through specific methods with effective quality control procedures, NutriScience can achieve this. The GMP+ Certificate ensures that each product consistently meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Therefore, customers can rest assured that every NutriScience product is of the highest quality owing to the GMP+ Certification.

For more information, please call our quality team on 051 304010 or see the GMP+ website