Nutritional Support for the In-Foal Mare

A balanced approach to feeding & supplementation is vital to ensure a healthy mare both pre- and post-foaling. The mare’s requirements will vary throughout the breeding cycle and achieving the balance is decided by the condition of the mare and her due date for foaling. Here are some top tips for nutritional support for your mare.

In-Foal Mares

Forage Intake

In-foal mares need to have access to high quality forage and be fed on an ad-lib basis. It is advised to strive to maximise forage intake to ensure the fibre and starch requirements in the diet are met. It is also important to note that, in winter, horses require more forage as they use the energy to keep warm in the cold weather.


Concentrate Feed

Throughout the breeding cycle, the mare requires a variety of nutrients that may not be met through the feeding of forage alone. Therefore, a concentrated feed is needed to ensure these nutrient requirements are met. The developing foetus also increases the need for protein, vitamins and micronutrients. It is best to consult an equine nutritional advisor who can tailor a balanced feeding regime to individual requirements.


Gut Health

A healthy gut ensures that nutrients can be digested efficiently to maximise intake and utilisation. This is vital for the in-foal mare as she need to achieve maximum nutrient absorption for herself and the developing foetus. A live yeast supplement is the ideal way to achieve gut health. The yeast optimises fibre digestibility, which helps to reduce concentrated feed requirements, and results in more efficient use of vitamins and minerals. This is especially important for pregnant mares as they require maximum use of micronutrients such as phosphorus, iron and zinc to name a few. Gut microbiome are central to a heathy immune system, which is vital throughout the breeding cycle. The inclusion of the prebiotic Mannooligosaccharide (MOS) supports the immune system of the in-foal mare. Studies show that MOS improves the antibody concentrations in colostrum (IgG levels).  Therefore, is it essential to include supplementation for gut health in pregnant mares.


Equine Gold

Equine Gold is a nutritional supplement which contains pre and probiotics, making it ideal for in-foal mares. Equine Gold is a live yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) formulation that also includes MOS to ensure healthy gut microbiome. The formulation of Equine Gold supports the digestive system as well as strengthens the immune system – it is the ideal supplement for the pregnant mare to ensure all her supplement needs are met. Equine Gold can contribute to a heathy mare both pre- and post-foaling.  For more information, please see here or call 051 304010