“I am so impressed with this product”

“This is Brilliant. Bought it for my cat .She had a weepy eye, eye was fine after just 2 applications. Then had to use it for my dog,she had got something in her eye and after 1 application her eye was better then unbelievably my cockatiel had a sore eye,though it did not say it was suitable for birds i tried it anyway. It was not so easy to apply on him as he kept shaking his head but after 3 applications his eye was better. This product was bought for my cat initially but having had to use it on all my pets i have to say i am so impressed with this product.”


“A wonderful product”

“I read reviews for this product which stated how brilliant it is and they were all right. My cat had a chronic discharge from one eye and I tried this product and within a week his eye is virtually completely free of any problems. It is a wonderful product very easy to use which is what you need with cats and I started with four treatments a day and now we are down to one a day to make sure it is sorted which I am sure it is. So glad that I am using Vetericyn.”