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“I have used another brand for years, and I tried “ArthriAid”, and I have to say the horse has improved fairly noticeably from same dose of the other brand!” – jollyjumper

NutriScience’s range of horse health supplements are formulated to provide proven equine health and wellness benefits. From mobility to calming, from digestive health to muscle care, our scientifically formulated range of healthy horse feed supplements can help improve horse health, performance and life quality. Each product in the range is carefully formulated using the latest nutritional research to enhance regular feeds by providing the additional vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients needed by horses over a wide range of common health and condition issues concerning hooves, bones, skin care, coat care, general health and performance.

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Our NutriLyte equine electrolyte supplement replaces energy fast and can be used during, and immediately after, exercise. NutriLyte can help improve horse endurance and general fitness and condition.



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We manufacture our superior quality nutritional supplements under food-grade conditions, using only the best nutritional ingredients at precisely the right amounts. Our production facility is ISO quality managed and regularly audited to to ensure the very best standards. When you choose NutriScience, you know you’re making the right decision for your horse. Our horse feed supplements are used throughout the world by top riders who rely on NutriScience to help maximise horse performance. Just check out some of the product reviews!

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